Leak Detection Associates

Leak Detection Associates manufactures high sensitivity leak detection systems for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries.

The most recent helium leak test system, the Seal Integrity Monitoring System (SIMS) 1284+, combines the latest in helium leak detection technology with the SIMS software for data collection and analysis.

Using helium as a tracer gas, packages can be quantitatively tested to levels far exceeding bubble/dye penetration tests, pressure decay, mass extraction, and high voltage leak detection.

The systems follow guidelines set forth by USP 1207 and more specifically by ASTM F2391-05.

Pouch Sealers 12 & 24 inch models as standard

  • PLC based control system
  • Touch Screen HMI - with key switch access control
  • Output ports for Calibration and data logging
  • Gas Flush option
  • All settings have Independent Process Alarms

AS/2 Pouch Sealers

  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Digital timer
  • Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Process Alarms and outputs for control verification
  • Full process Alarm Package
  • Hinged, Lockable Lexan door over instrument panel
  • Output ports for calibration instruments

MD 1612, MD 2420 Tray Sealers

  • PLC controlled System with Touch Screen HMI
  • Short Cycle Indicator
  • High / Low – temperature alarm
  • High / Low – Pressure alarm
  • Seal Area 16 x 12 inches / 24 x 20 inches
  • Tray depth up to 3 inches /6 inches

MPK Series Pouch Sealers/Cutters

The CeraTek 12-MPK/2 and 24-MPK/2 are the first constant heat sealer/cutter systems for medical pouches, allowing medical device manufacturers to combine medical pouch sealing and cutting processes into one step following sterilization. The systems are CE and ISO 11607 compliant.

DDS2 Vacuum Chamber Hot Bar Pouch Sealer

The DDS/2 Vacuum Chamber Hot Bar Pouch Sealer was specifically engineered by SencorpWhite to answer the demand for a machine with the industry’s most advanced vacuum capabilities, the repeatability of a hot bar sealer, and the reliability of the SencorpWhite brand name.

Automated Pouch Sealer

SencorpWhite is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of thermoforming and sealing machinery.

The APM is Engineered to be the most reliable and repeatable pouch sealing system on the market for producing verified sealed pouches. Independent asynchronous carriages allow for the addition of multiple optional functionality such as seal Inspection, Print and Apply, RFID readers, Label Inspection etc.

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